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    Land vehicle - jack @jackhaveitall REB S congrats to michael scott on his new job driving for uber alexei oreskovic @lexnfx Update: Driver of the Uber stair car says he was using the Uber app, which he says directed him down the stairs. 3/26/18, 20:55
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    Text - Maury is fresh out of fucks @highfiveexpert COMING IN JULY LAURA IS PREGNANT AND EMILY IS NOT THE FATHER!
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    Road - Don't f this up for me, Waze T GSPT
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    Canidae - Proof that cats are liquid
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    Text - White PeopleHumor @whitememejesus My only New Year's resolution for this year is to beat my 90 year old grandmother to posting the "IT'S GONNA BE MAY" Justin Timberlake meme on Facebook. Every year my whole family sees it and thinks she's hilarious. Not this year, Ethel. This is my year.
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    Text - when you sent out a text before you showered and you come back to see no notifications and you're just wondering where you went wrong
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    Text - What a mess. They spelled magazine wrong @highfiveexpert PRO 7 15.15 The Big Met Theory 15.35 HowI Bang Your Mother Sitcom 17.00 taff Magazin 18.00 Newstime MADE WITH MOMUS
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    Hare - ONE cheezetits: Sweet-bitsy: awwww-cute: Went to a pet store today and saw this GIANT rabbit So you decided to throw money at it like a stripper stop the objectification of rabbits now SATE
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    Food - Anybody else use water to get all the ketchup? at Chilton Hall HEINZ TOMATO KETCHUP CAH TRY OU MAYO
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    Product - when my friends try to help me after a breakdown but they're all emotionally unstable too
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    Text - iMessage Today 8:29 PM Hi Evelyn. It's Bobbi Babalooney. It was a pleasure talking with you today. My client did book her party. However, if you're still interested in working with me,I can offer you 2 hrs 12-2pm for $280 instead of $300. I'll call you tomorrow morning. Thank you again. Good night! wizardpunk i just got this wrong number text and was like "that can't possible be a real name" and i googled it and was led to bobbi babalooney's website which autoplays the single best and mos
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    Hair - 6:30 Me: *works for 5 hours* Clock: 6:32
  • 13
    Text - A Dog Will Lick His Butt But Won't Eat A Pickle Rd. sixpenceee This is an actual road in Fountain, Colorado. dazzlingfoliage Idrive past this on my way to the barn and i laugh every single time
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    Product - Tristin Hopper @TristinHopper 1d Until proven otherwise, I am declaring myself the creator of the largest Rice Krispie square in Canada.
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    Product - turns out there's a third gender it's it's you poor sausoge girl CAT SPECIMEN
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    Text - Samuel J Comroe @SamuelJComroe I always get so depressed when someone says "let's grab a drink soon" because I know I'll never see that person again
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    Facial expression - Me: "ok your total is..hold on it's loading." Customer: "wow! So it's free?! Hahaha" II Me: "a ki ki ki nah it's $17.66."
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    Text - When you spend hours in the bathroom and your boss asks if you're trying to waste company time @whitepeoplehumor NO JUST POOPIN' YOU KNOW HOW I BE
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    Hair - Cincinnati Zoo gorilla dies unexpectedly from heart failure @whitepeoplehumor -1 can't. Not again - I'm not..strong enough
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    Face - Drake: "I only love my bed and my momma l'm sorry" Drake's other furniture:
  • 21
    Text - Stinky Green TM @StinkyGr33n *Creating bees* God: Make them highly beneficial to the ecosystem. Angel: Sure thing, boss. God: Give 'em the greatest knees of all time
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    Text - Marvel: "Infinity War is the most amibitious crossover event in history" Me: @whitepeoplehumor
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    Text - "lan" Abramson @ianabramson When you compare the size of a gummy worm versus a gummy bear, it starts to paint a horrific picture of the gummy universe.
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    Text - Let's discuss SNEp PIXAR LION KING Up Lion TARZAN BRAVE Lion TS.2 TOY TSa TOY NY&KY L S Se Tangled TS2 Tanylel Cars3 COCO BIG Helco TS.3 Tungled FORMon M&ANA AAHertdes TS3 TOY3 THE GOOD DINOSAUR Mlen Monsten NTATOULLE Buys bos HERCULES Monsters In Bugs Hercules EMO MESA Mei Mulsn Monsters MUANulen Monster MONSTERS IC Mulon N.c Monstes Wey Inc. TRE TNCRSOLES WALL Jakim @RichBeLit Lion King lost to a damn Tangled. Please get 2000s kids outta here...
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    Text - cory @_Coryrichardson [making clifford the big red dog] writer 1: so everybody agrees on the red dog writer 2: *snorting a line of coke* he should be fucking HUGE
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    Flightless bird - me, full of equal parts anger and love
  • 27
    Text - old man bangers @FindusPancake My mum was teaching first holy communion class, and a kid asked her "How many communions do you have to do before you've eaten a whole Jesus?" 3/23/18, 6:48 PM
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    Text - Krispy Scream @mitchysuch This se Shit Me on Twitter: FUUCK the police Me getting a ticket: Yes sir, I am deeply ashamed of going 10 over. Thank you for your diligence on this municipal fine daddy 3/25/18, 9:17 PM
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    Text - tan @mineifiwildout man if u own a horse n u aren't riding that bitch into the Mojave desert chasing an Amarillo sunset n shooting rattle snakes n roasting them by a campfire u really have no business having one 3/26/18, 4:48 PM
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    Product - When I'm having a great time but remember all the things I'm currently procrastinating on
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    Text - Not Sara @smithsara79 FRIEND: so how are you? ME: I'm well, thanks! FRIEND: what's new? ME: not much! FRIEND: well, what have you been up to? ME: why are you doing this to me 3/26/18, 2:16 PM
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    Suit - Churlish @Cryptoterra choose your fighter DEUTSCHER RADIOPREIS Rethiyph 3/26/18, 10:08 PM
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    Text - tan @mineifiwildout woke up in a cold sweat last night thinking about how much money a Minecraft breakfast cereal would make this is literally a million dollar idea 3/27/18, 6:33 PM
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    Text - o0 Verizon LTE 84% 4:14 PM Jordan YOU MATCHED WITH JORDAN ON 3/16/14 Hey whatsup Apr 1, 2014, 12:53 AM I made a graph of how well this conversation is going
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    Text - Elon Musk @elonmusk If Biden fights Trump, I got Zuck next. WORLDSTAR!!!! 3/24/18, 11:14 AM
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    Shoulder - If getting a to go box and then accidentally leaving your food at the restaurant was an Olympic sport @preachybaby
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    Companion dog - Doctor: Did you try chasing your tail for hours? Maybe if you caught it you would feel better. Patient: But I don't have a t- Doctor: Sharon, Sharon, I'm just doing my job. @whitepeoplehumor


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