Introducing the Pavlov Poke

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Robert Morris and Daniel McDuff at MIT have finally found a way to curb their Facebook addictions: make a device that gives them a shock everytime they try to load the site on their computers. According to Morris's website, you need four components to get the device up and running:

- UI Inspector: You need something to monitor computer application usage. We use the Mac's UI Inspector.

- Processing Code: If a distracting site is visited too frequently, a Processing script produces an on-screen alert.

- Arduino: An Arduino is connected via USB to the computer. When a shock is triggered, the Arduino activates a relay and starts the shock circuit. If you want more info on how to build a shock circuit, check out this fine tutorial.

- Electrodes: Conductive metal strips are placed on the keypad. When the Arduino relay is triggered, a current is sent through the strips and through palm of your hand. Ouch!!!

When it comes to Facebook addiction, there's nothing like a little classical conditioning to help you out with your habit!

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