I Can Has Cheezburger?

These Animals Are Work Out-Holics And It's Hilarious

  • 1

    Yes, I am using this!

    gym animals - Mammal - (1
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  • 2

    This place is no joke buddy. You don't know what you're doing you'll hurt yourself.. or worse, you'll hurt someone else!

    gym animals - Dog - STANDARD 100 LBS 45.3 KGS
  • 3

    I'm just stretching

    gym animals - Dog - SEP
  • 4

    What do you mean you didn't press record?! You think that was easy?!

    gym animals
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  • 5

    "And now going into an upward dog..."

    gym animals - Dog
  • 6

    "I'm training for the mailman triathlon. I tell you, their like house gets faster every year!

    gym animals - Vehicle door
  • 7

    No, you still can't use them.

    gym animals - Black
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  • 8

    What do you mean Im doing it wrong?

    gym animals - Dog - at
  • 9

    How do you make it shorter? I'm afraid of heights

    gym animals - Exercise equipment
  • 10

    "And now... we go into a downward dog and just breath....Squirrel?"

    gym animals - Dog
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  • 11

    Excuse me, I was snoozing over here! Please wait your turn... PATIENTLY

    gym animals - Cat
  • 12

    Pretty much

    gym animals - Cat - rare pic of me at the gym
  • 13

    "PFFFH, This is for beginners, Wake me up when the real weights are ready. Or in three hours."

    gym animals - Cat


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