I Can Has Cheezburger?

People Are Posting The Most Creepy Yet Intelligent Thing Their Pet Has Done

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    Text - LiterallyOuttoLunch 2970 points 2 hours ago I have a Chocolate Lab and a black cat. My dog loves tennis balls. My cat doesn't want my dog to be happy, so he would sit on her tennis balls like a chicken hatching an egg. One morning I was getting ready for work and my dog is barking at my cat because he's sitting on her tennis ball. I thought, "Alright asshole, that's it.", and I went to the closet, got 3 cans of tennis balls, opened them and tossed them around the apartment. My cat seemed
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    Text - Seicair 12.2k points . 3 hours ago When I lived with my ex we got a cat that would occasionally tiny mews outside my bedroom door (where my computer was) when she wanted attention. Usually it was 50/50 wanting to be cuddled or wanting me to shake the food come make pitifully adorable bowl so she couldn't see the bottom. One time she sounded a lot more urgent than usual. I went and opened the door and she ran off. Okay, not cuddles. I followed her down the stairs and she turned left into t
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    Text - anitabelle 475 points 1 hour ago My cat is always alerting me with urgency for various reasons. Sometimes it's food sometimes it's for us the open his window for him. The funniest was when he would alert us to the dog having done something bad like eating all the garbage out of the bathroom or having an accident inside the house. But the smartest thing a pet of mine ever did was trick another dog. When my dog was a puppy he had a puppy play date. The other dog wouldn't share her toys so h
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    Text - enigma1235 13.5k points 5 hours ago My dog has epilepsy, so he has to take a pill every morning. I broke it in half and put it in his food and let go at it. Checked a few minutes later and I see the bowl iss completely empty except for one if the halves left in the centre. I walked into the living room were he was, looked at him as said "forget something?" as a joke. He looked at me, got up, went back to his bowl and ate the pill in front of me. That fucker knows what's up.
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    Text - typing_away 1702 points 1 hour ago I put the pill in wet food for my cat,it was antibiotic. I jokingly said " you don't even know that i just tricked you to take the medication you need" He stopped eating,looked at me ,left a loud « meow» and went to hide behind the curtain. I jinxed myself,i had to force feed him for the rest of the prescription. The cat is smart.
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    Text - a-hint-of-crazy 1719 points 4 hours ago Similarly, my dog is a messy eater. Can't chew more than two morsels of food at a time or they'll all fall out of his mouth. He makes a huge mess when he eats, and I tell him to "clean up your mess" and he'll just pick up the pieces off the floor like a good pupper.
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    Text - darthbiscuit80 18.2k points 3 hours ago My cat, Tuffy stole a piece of bread off of the stove and put it in the floor next to the cabinet. She then stared at it intensely, and motionlessly for an hour. We thought that was creepy. Then a mouse came out from behind the cabinet to get the bread and she pounced it! She was using the bread as motherfucking bait! This is the same cat who routinely burns her tongue licking lightbulbs, hisses at them, and keeps licking.
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    Text - ILikeMapleSyrup 7671 points 5 hours ago sitting at the table eating cake when he hears our dog barking at the front door. He gets up to check it out (usually means someone is about to ring the doorbell) and My brother was then our dog sprints back to the unsupervised cake and eats it all in one bite.
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    Text - DwarfDrugar 1080 points 1 hour ago Years ago, when I still lived at home with my parents I was alone with my dog and felt like making a sandwich. So I put on some spread, added a few slices of sausage, put it on a plate, walked back to the living room and put my plate on the coffee table. My dog was, as he always was, on the couch with his head resting on the back so he could look out the window, ignoring me. I forgot my drink so I walked back to the kitchen, got my glass and came back. T
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    Text - Oryagoagyago 2528 points 3 hours ago I watched my Australian Shepherd problem solve how to get her tennis balls that get stuck under the furniture out by taking another tennis ball and rolling it to knock the stuck one out. She seemed very pleased with herself.
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    Text - The-Goat-Lord 9435 points 2 hours ago T had a really bad day and was in my room crying, my cockatiel Stormageddon started screaming from his cage so I got him out, he jumped onto my shoulder and put his head on my cheek and started saying "it's ok it's ok it's ok" over and over again. I say that to him when he freaks out in his cage at night time (a and he starts screaming and flapping his wings) l didn't realise he could tell I was sad and say it back to me to comfort me like I comfort h
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    Text - AttentionSpanZero 5699 points .5 hours ago I had a cat once who knew that to get water from the faucet in the sink she would tap on the handle (not the faucet) and look at me. If she had opposable thumbs she would have turned it herself. Other cats would just look at the faucet and wait. She also would leap on her brother if he started to scratch the edge of the sofa, to get him to stop, knowing it was not allowed. She also not only recognized herself in the mirror, but would use it to gr
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    Text - breentee 2791 points . 4 hours ago My dog once started barking at the door,, like someone was about to knock or come in, while I was eating. I got up to see who was there and it was no one. I went back and some of my food was on the ground, being shared by the dog and two cats. I think one of the cats knocked some off, so they worked together as a team to steal my food
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    Text - jacobtheboy 1334 points 3 hours ago my cat can open doors. She understands that turning to knob unlatches the door. it takes her a few tries, but she does it all the time now, getting into the office, where she isn't allowed. I have also found her cat toy stash. I have no idea why, but she hides her favorite toys in a few caches around my apartment
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    Text - obidie 2060 points 3 hours ago If I called my girlfriend at around 9 PM on a Friday, my dog would always get excited and head to the truck. I was stationed in Shanghai for about a year, but lived for years in Thailand with my GF and my dog Whenever I had a long weekend l'd fly back to Thailand. My dog quickly picked up on the idea that whenever my GF switched from speaking Thai to English, she was talking to me. I would call her when I arrived at the airport on a minutes from our home, an
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    Text - ikkleste 416 points 3 hours ago I had friends round and one of them brought fudge. cats were interested but got chased off it a couple of time. They wait for attention to shift to something else. Little cat goes into the middle of the group of friends, acts all cute causes a distraction, while bigger cat gets on the table, knocks down the fudge, little cat quietly moves on and then joins her brother eating fudge. Proper teamwork, that not only used their individual strengths but exploited
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    Text - Phtpnk 189 points 2 hours ago Not my dog ( have one but he hasn't had any remarkable moment for now), but my neighbor's dog. He is old and frail and neglects him, even though he gave him a place to stay (he used to be a stray) He knows he won't get much food from his owner, if any, so he usually spends his days roaming the neighborhood and going to house to house. He knows specifically which neighbor will give him food and knows the precise time we all finished lunch. He used to frequent
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    Text - Turkey_Club 707 points 3 hours ago My cat pooped in our toilet once. He didn't flush though
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    Text - Ranilen 378 points . 2 hours ago So I have this cat: Chairman Meow. He had to go live at my parents because I was in the Navy and my ship pleased (which I was totally in favor of; he was getting chubby as an apartment cat) deploying, and they started letting him go out and come in as he was Then my mom started to notice something weird. Now, for context, she's in her 60s and had just retired. My dad was still working for another year or two. With me and my brother grown and moved out, the
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    Text - Visions_of_Gideon 1858 points 4 hours ago My cat was sitting on the front porch sunning herself one day, and my dad walks outside to do some yard work. He tells her to make herself useful and go catch a mouse or something, and walks off. (My mom confirmed she heard my dad say this through the open window near the porch.) A short while later, my dad is passing through the front yard, and sees the cat laying in the grass with her front legs outstretched in front of her. Upon closer inspecti
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    Text - mangolangoon 149 points 2 hours ago My cousin had a koi fish pond and two dogs. One night the dogs started barking during the middle of the night really loud and urgently, and they almost never bark at anything. My cousin and her parents knew something was weird and went out to check. One of the fish somehow managed to jump out the pond and was flopping around next to the water on the concrete, and one dog was trying to help it back in the water with his nose while the other was barking f
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