14 Harshly Unexpected Times Couple's Counseling Ruined Relationships

  • 1
    Text - My husband and I went to COuples therapy and he ended up cheating on me with the therapist.
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    Friendship - ts been over a year sincel Pound out my husband was cheating on ma. My soncaught son ca him and bold me, We tried therapy which made things Worse so we separabed
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    Text - Myhusband thinks couples therapy is going to save our marriage,but it has made me realize ljust dont love him anymore.
  • 4
    Photo caption - My wife and lwent to our first marriage counseling session After the session, Ischeduled an appointment with adivorce lawyer
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    Text - Marriage counseling brought out the worst in my wife and L Wetried it For three years and it got so ugly that we decided to divorce.
  • 6
    Text - Itold my husbandI wanted a divorce in marriage counseling andlhave never seen a grown 31year old cry so much. Makes me feel bad
  • 7
    Text - Ithink marriage counseling was amistake.hstead of giving us US tools to fix our marriage they have ruined it.
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  • 8
    Text - We started marriage counseling to make our marriage better but the counselor told me I should divorce or start grieving the Fact that ll never have a normal marriage. Shejust made things even worse.
  • 9
    Facial expression - Myex-husband and ltried premarital counseling Itdicht Work Then we triedmarriage GOunseling That didnt work hac didnt work either.
  • 10
    Text - Just told my want todo couple's therapy nymore. Hethinks were geting better. Impacking my bags husbandI dont CO
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  • 11
    Text - After years of marriage GOunselingmy husband inaly said he wants a divorce. tsfor the best, he hasnt lbved mefor a ong time now.Itried sohard and still failed.
  • 12
    Text - My ex and I were in marriage counseling once or twice a week for a year Nothing changed: Final y our therapist told us he thought divorce was our best option He made empty promise after another
  • 13
    Furniture - Mywife andlwent bo couple's Cherapy and she bald che theraptsballoP the Chings she hates about me. She hurtmea lot during the session and I dont think Ican stay with her anymore
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  • 14
    Text - Icanyinced my boyfriend Bo go Go COuple's therapyPhe fide. wanted me to stay We had our first session Tuesday and it went really badly Ithinkit's too late


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