Top 5 Villains We Want to See in Marvel's Spider-Man Reboot

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    Backstory: Mac Gargan is a private investigator hired by J. Jonah Jameson to tail Peter Parker in order to figure out a little bit more about Spider-Man. When he fails to figure out how Parker can take his Spidey pics, Gargan is convinced to undergo a scientific experiment becoming the Scorpion.

    Unfortunately, he looses his mind in the process and begins to hunt Spidey and Jameson for revenge.

    Appeal: High Schooler Parker would be dealing with some real-life, messed up adults in this plot line. While Marvel has suggested this new Spider-Man will be firmly rooted in High School plots, the addition of an adult villain would add high stakes and great juxtaposition. Plus, Scorpion's wall crawling ability would make for some great aerial combat sequences. 

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    Backstory: Edward Whelan was a disenfranchised orphan in New York City before being picked up by Baron Zemo and Arnim Zola of HYDRA fame. After their experiments, Whelan became ratlike and bestial and took the name Vermin. Originally created to take on Captain America and The Avengers, Vermin eventually ran afoul of Spider-Man, and was taken down (with some super assistance).

    Appeal: Vermin could easily be a villain in the same age range as the now teenaged Spidey. A classmate whose isolation and teenage ennui that heads down a dark path could really be the comic book twist Feige and Pascal are looking for in this Breakfast Club inspired Spider-Man. It would also transition nicely with the over-arching MCU plotlines.
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    Black Cat

    Backstory: Felicia Hardy grew up under the tutelage of her father, a renowned cat burglar, who ends up in prison before she is an adult. As a college freshman Felicia is the victim of sexual assault, and begins relentlessly training to get her revenge. After her attacker is killed by a drunk driver, shedons the Black Cat persona and attempts to use her skills to break her dad out of jail, where she meets Spider-Man. Despite being enemies, the two often feel a kinship toward each other, and Black Cat becomes an on-again, off-again anti-hero and thief.

    Appeal: The Black Cat backstory would fit nicely in a High School setting, and including Felecia Hardy in the movie could create an interesting love triangle. Peter is crushing on Gwen or Mary-Jane, while his alter ego Spidey has fallen for the danger and power of Black Cat. How will Peter choose between the two?
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    Kraven the Hunter

    Backstory: Kraven the Hunter is a former Russian aritrocrat, turned big-game hunter. Becoming bored with hunting normal beasts, Kraven begins hunting superheroes. With the use of special potions and elixers, he gains superhuman strength and speed. His next goal has become Spider-Man, who he'll hunt not only with strenght and speed, but also cunning and guile.

    Appeal: In this storyline Spider-Man isn't hunting down a villain, instead, the wall crawler must defend himself from being hunted. In such a game, his friends and family become vulneribilities. Kraven also has the intelligence to use any of the previous villains against Spider-Man. He could be the chess master using someone like Vermin as a pawn against Spidey.
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    The Punisher

    Backstory: Former Marine, Frank Castle had an idyllic life until mobsters in New York's Central Park murdered his family in cold blood. After miraculously surviving the attack, Castle becomes The Punisher, hunting down and ending any criminals with almost sociopathic resolve. In Spider-Man's early career, Punisher can see him only as another masked crook (thanks to J. Jonah Jameson's smear campagin) and begins an assault against Peter.

    Appeal: Instant cross-over success with Marvel's other property. While a similar plot line will play out in Daredevil Season 2, bringing Jon Bernthal onto Spider-Man would give the Netflix universe a renewed legitimacy and really cement Spidey as an official part of the MCU. Of course the two would team up in the end to take down a more pressing threat, (maybe Vermin, Jigsaw, someone you'd like to see?)

    What do you think?


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