10 Movies Rated Higher Than Fantastic Four

  • 1

    All of Twilight

    Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 48% - 24%

    These crap-tastic young adult romance/stalker fiction, sparkle like a vampire in the sun compared to Fantastic Four. And come on... it has vampire baseball.

    When someone inevitably makes a, "still a better love story than Twilight" meme, better think twice.

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  • 2

    Green Lantern

    Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 26%

    Ryan Reynolds almost quit superhero movies altogether after this stinker. Fortunately, his career has Deadpool's healing factor.

  • 3

    Jupiter Ascending

    Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 25%

    The Wachowski's wowed audiences with the revolutionary effects and dark plot of The Matrix. In 2015 they went another direction by making Channing Tatum a roller-blading, werewolf alien, which apparently makes more sense than Fantastic Four's third act.
  • 4


    Rotten Tomatoes Rating:  18%

    You're as shocked as we are that Pixels, featuring Adam Sandler and a mulleted Peter Dinklage fighting classic video game characters from out space, isn't the worst rated movie of the year. It's almost become a cliche that Sandler's flicks hold the worst spot of the year, but not this year.

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  • 5

    Super Mario Bros: The Movie

    Rotten Tomatoes Rating:  16%

    This movie is the only piece of evidence you need to argue that no one can make a good video game movie, and yet it still is rated higher than Fantastic Four. We didn't think it was possible for a movie to be so poorly received.

    Good job, guys, you're making history.

  • 6

    Howard the Duck

    Rotten Tomatoes Rating:  14%

    George Lucas followed up Return of the Jedi with this very first Marvel movie. He decided to strip away Howard's cynicism and humor, but they did add in an awkward bathtub duck diddle... so... there's that.

    And yet, it's still better than the newest Marvel movie.

  • 7

    Dragonball Evolution

    Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 14%

    Goku's going to need gather all the Dragonballs to resurrect Reed Richards after this set of reviews. He might have to do something for Miles Teller, too. He's going to be suffering Whiplash after this.
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  • 8

    After Earth

    Rotten Tomatoes Rating:  11%

    Will and Jaden Smith were really stroking their egos with this one. The wooden acting, poor effects, and nonsensical plot gave it a pretty bad score, almost the worst ratings director M. Night Shyamalan's ever gotten. That honor goes to The Last Airbender.

  • 9

    Batman & Robin

    Rotten Tomatoes Rating:  11%

    Bat-nipples abound in the movie that almost killed Batman. Fortunately, Christopher Nolan came in and saved everything with his amazing trilogy. You think there's anyone who can do that with Marvel's First Family?

  • 10

    Fantastic Four (2005)

    Rotten Tomatoes Rating:  27%

    You've outdone yourself Fox. You made a movie worse than Michael Chiklis covered in weird foam suit. It's the movie that had this:

    Chris Evans! Help Michael B. Jordan! Get him to Marvel Studios! They need black actors.


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