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Father of the Day: This Dad Made Mjölnir for His Son Thor

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    First, he needed to gather the materials

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    Crux1836 said he used a piece of hollow square stock so his son could still wield it .

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    Then he went to work.

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    He cleaned up the stock and removed a piece that was welded to it.

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    Then it was time for the heating of the immortal's weapon...

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    He said it took about a week to heat out all the impurities and make strong metal for the hammer. Over the course of six different heats, he could shape it into the lightning bringer that would help his son lead armies.
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    After sorting out the angular edges, he could put together the finished product.

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    Which looks, just like, awesome

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    For scale

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    No surprise that his son loved it

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    Watch out, dog! A god comes for you!

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