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10 GIFs of Dancing Dads to Remind You That Life is Good

  • 1

    This Dancing Dad Style Can Be Done From The Safety of Your Seat

    dance gifs - Sitting
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  • 2

    But Bill Cosby Demonstrates Wild Moves Are Always Possible

    dance gif Bill Cosby dancing with Jimmy Fallon
  • 3

    This Rave Dad Demonstrates How To Properly Get Warmed Up

    dance gif dad dancing at night with sunglasses
  • 4

    And Follows Through With a Proper Response to The Drop

    dance gif funny dance move by rave dad
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  • 5

    But He Never Forgets to Cool Down

    dance gif funny dad
  • 6

    Most Older Neighbors Dislike Noisy Parties, Fortunately He Understands That They Are Celebrations

    dance gif old man getting down with walker
  • 7

    Meanwhile in Chicago, Gandalf's Brother Gets Hopping

    dance gif dad with huge beard

    RAVE ON from Jilleen Liao

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  • 8

    Clip-Art Funky Dad Shows a Funky Step to Cool Down With

    dance gif dad in jeans
  • 9

    The Nonplussed Kids Only Add to This Dancing Dad's Energy Fields

    dance gif vest dad dancing around kid


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