The Golden Age Of Air Travel In These 17 Vintage Posters From 1930's-1960's

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    This is the kind of service provided by United Airlines back in 1952 on its Mainliner “Hollywood” and “San Francisco” flights.

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    Breakfast in bed, President-style

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    The “Come Fly with Me” ad from United features wonderfully smiley faces all around… and then there is the “Former Miss Butterfingers”! (the text says: “Two months ago, Sheri Woodruff couldn’t even balance a cup of coffee.

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    “No Floor Show”! The ad copy says: “Next trip, come see our working girls work. It’s no floor show. But it’s funny how you you get to feel like a leading man.” (left image). On the right are some winsome-looking graduating stewardesses.

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    Hawaiian postcard from United Airlines in 1940 (including wonderfully cheerful hula dancer poster). “Guests to the Hawaiian Islands were greeted by the Hula, an expressive sort of Polynesian dance.”

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    United Airlines printed many wonderful, highly collectible airline posters back in the day

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    (“Fly Girl” from TWA (left) and DC-8, United Airlines (top right)

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    Vintage TWA ad

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    “Fly to Hawaii by Clipper!”

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    This 1950s TWA’s “Adventure in Contentment” starts from “all-you-can-fly” menu of premier airlines at the airport.

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    luxurious style of a 1930’s plane interior: inside the largest, heaviest, and most powerful flying boat in the world in 1930…

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    the cover of a 1937 Pan American’s Hawaiian Clipper brochure

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    Clipper, this time serving routes to China and using the Martin M-130 built in 1935 for Pan American Airways

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    Boeing Stratocruiser cutaway ads show the multilevel comforts and design worthy of luxurious hotel establishments

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    Smiling stewardesses with plenty of positive attitude

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