Mystery of the Day: What Happened Between Asif Raza Rana and Mudasir? And Who's This Salman Guy?

Friendship is a delicate thing, no matter where you live in the world.

It needs to be nurtured, protected and appreciated, otherwise it can prove a negative force to everyone involved.

No one knows this more than Asif Raza Rana, a Pakistani man just trying to find a good friend.

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    Here's our man

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    The world received quite a surprise when Asif Raza Rana redefined his friendship with Mudasir

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    So what happened?

    We found a lot of clues in the Asif's Facebook, lets see if any lead us to the truth.

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    From all accounts, people think he's a pretty friendly guy

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    There's Mudasir on the left.

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    This is from last November when the two best friends looked like they were having a great time at McDonalds.

    They seemed to have a really lovely friendship.

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    They were such good friends!

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    Even though they had their ups and downs

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    It seems like they could always work through the difficulties.

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    Then, a new face began showing up...

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    But it seemed like Mudasir was still #1 BFF

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    Those are some #squadgoals if we've ever seen them.

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    The last time Mudasir appears on Asif's Facebook page is Aug. 4

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    Then, something, something big, must have happened.

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    It looked like Asif was alone on his Aug. 8 birthday

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    No one else appears in his celebration pictures.

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    And then all of a sudden!

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    There's no indication of how Mudasir grew selfish, proud or what attitude he gave to Asif. Or what's so special about this Salman guy.

    He did post a thoughtful update on friendship that gives more clues.

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    We wish you and Salman the best, Asif

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