40 Images That Prove Design Isn't for Everybody

  • 1

    Our values barely coincide with these ones.

    design fail of a venn diagram of a company's values
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  • 2

    Better not miss!

    design fail of a basketball net installed under a glass window
  • 3

    Not the best slogan to have.

    design fail of a sign calling the readers to come on their girls
  • 4

    If there's one thing you can count on...

    design fail of a barely readable sign for the information and technology department
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  • 5

    It's bad acronyms.

    design fail of a sign advertising karate classes for anti abduction
  • 6


    design fail of a logo with a forced acronym of the word "fantastic 5g"
  • 7

    Sadly, no.

    design fail of a questionnaire that expresses sadness over someone not having diabetes
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  • 8

    ... bad acronyms.

    design fail with sign made by someone who doesn't understand acronyms
  • 9

    Not how pie charts work, bub.

    design fail of a pie chart that adds up to more than 100 percent
  • 10

    Whoever make the Finnish Harry Potter DVD series covers needs to be fired.

    design fail of DVD covers for movie series
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  • 11

    But... but why not just... switch... the...

    design fail of a sign with mixed up zeros and o's
  • 12

    When you have the file name on your shirt.

    design fail of a shirt with printed with a file name
  • 13

    We offer none of these.

    design fail of a business sign with the services offered striked out
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  • 14

    What happened to your legs?

    design fail of a legless torso of a man hovering in the air
  • 15

    A, B, C, D, E... ahh, screw it.

    design fail of a decorative wood plank with random letters on it
  • 16

    Google's 'Having Fun at Work' playlist makes it look like the guy is about to hang himself.

    design fail of a fun at work image that looks like a person hanging themselves
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  • 17

    So does this bumper sticker.

    design fail of a bumper sticker that reads "Jesus fails" when the light turns on
  • 18

    Farts and crafts.

    design fail of a headline that reads "factory farts" instead of "factory art"
  • 19

    The largest word on this Steve Jobs iPhone case is "Android."

    design fail of a Steve Jobs inspired iphone case with the word Android appearing prominently on it
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  • 20

    Doesn't everybody wear a towel and sunglasses in the shower?

    design fail of an ad for speaker shower head with model wearing sunglasses while showering
  • 21

    A headache in shirt form.

    design fail of a shirt that's supposed to read "it's not me it's you"
  • 22

    They can see everything.

    design fail of a restroom stall door that is mostly see through
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  • 23

    A headache in elevator form.

    design fail of an elevator where the floors don't match the buttons
  • 24

    Pink on pink is always a good decision.

    design fail of a sign that reads as "you are alone"
  • 25

    When they sent you a pepperoni slice when you really wanted plain cheese.

    design fail of a pizza slice with the pepperonis badly photoshopped out
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  • 26

    Which corresponds to which? Up/down or left/right?

    design fail of a directions sign that can be read in several ways
  • 27

    Right. "Shoot" this city.

    design fail of a flyer to a photography event called "shoot this city" that reads as "shit this city"
  • 28

    I'm bolt nut about you?

    design fail of a key chain that's meant to read "i'm nuts about you"
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  • 29

    Best poll ever.

    design fail of a poll about politics
  • 30

    Remember what we said about bad acronyms?

    design fail of a store sign using an inappropriate acronym
  • 31

    "Packed with tasteless sugar."

    design fail of a pepsi ad advertising a tasteless drink
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  • 32

    Funt me!

    design fail of a sign that was supposed to be read as "fun time"
  • 33

    Maybe it leads to Narnia.

    design fail with the bottom half of a door located near the ceiling
  • 34

    The rope you pull out is supposed to measure the length of your intestines.

    design fail of an inappropriate teaching aid device
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  • 35

    Time for some refreshing windshield cleaner!

    design fail of a windshield cleaner packaged like drinking bottles
  • 36

    So... "yes" to scooters?

    design fail of a sign prohibiting skate board but allowing scooters
  • 37

    Bonus points for Comic Sans.

    design fail of a math book with a badly designed cover
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  • 38

    Good luck walking down these.

    design fail of a staircase covered in a trippy carpet
  • 39

    Do anybody's hands look like that?

    design fail of an instruction manual with illustration of unnaturally bent fingers
  • 40

    If they do, it'll make typing all this out a whole lot harder.

    design fail of job posting in a newspaper with a ridiculously long link to the application form


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