23 Mesmerizing Memes For Your Hump Day Pleasure

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    Fennec fox - When you accidentally click "open in new window" instead of "open in new tab"
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    Text - acoolguy sometimes it's annoying when your character can't jump in a video game but how often do you jump in real life? questions-within-questions "Do you even remember the last time you jumped?" is a question I never anticipated leaving me feeling so hollow and terrified.
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    Design - Most important thing I've seen today
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    Text - Relationship Goals @relationships "write a sad story in 4 words" I shaved I shaved for nothing Message
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    Text - f/ohhieveryone Isn't that the guy from Harry Potter? LULWORTH .DORSET DURDLE DOOR Danger Danger Deep Shelving Submerged Beach Danger Strong Tides Danger Unstable Cliffs Danger e Slippery Objects 10 points to grifflepuff
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    Yellow - Bret D @BretJett It's the remix to ignition HOT 'N SPICY MCCHICKEN itn lovi ite
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    Banana family - The Root Of All Stomach Problems Avoid These 3 Foods BIOX4 Supplement bogleech it will be a cold day in hell before I give up eating banana skeletons
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    Text - when I receive newss move 10 steps go to door move 10 steps go to reception talk to object receptionist move 10 steps talk to object doctor move 10 steps i am legally not allowed to finish this joke
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    Text - WHAT IS YOUR WISH MORTAL? whoa REALLY?? YOU'RE GOING ТО WISH FOR THAT? well..I wish I would stop second -quessing my self. hey - it's my Wish, get to be th- So I Неееууу NATHANWPYLE
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    Facial expression - Danny DeVito always looks like he's at a pot luck dinner and he just saw you try his lemon meringue pie
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    Food - pat tobin hare on Facebook@tastefactory ARBYS EXEC: So I hear u have new sandwich idea? ADVERTISING GUY: Yes, it's...*blanks on the word fish* It's uhh... WE HAVE OCEAN MEAT Arbys Limited time offer at participating locations IM& AP uc 3/27/16, 7:41 PM
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    Text - im-the-potato-one consulting-timelady onward-to-victuuri are you an "arrr" pirate or a "yo ho ho" pirate xromanticalityx I'm an "I'm not paying $600 for Photoshop" pirate Source: onward-to-victuuri 144 686 notes
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    Product - NON GMO fresh taste PANED BEST IF USED BY APR 09 18 AMA2 E 06 30 SLA USA BRAZIL LOW ACID PULP FREE LOW ACID PULP FREE SaSimply Swmply Pure Squeezed Egs With Calcium 110 PER&FL SERVIN 1.75 L (1.8 QT) 59 FL 0Z Риre Squeezed Egs With Calcium 110 CALORIES PER 8 FL 0Z SERVING 1.75 L(1.8 QT) 59 FL 0Z
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    Text - brian essbe Retweeted Cat Damon @CornOnTheGoblin [at the vet with my cat] cat: meow me: i know, that's why ibrought you here 08/01/2017, 19:24 5,874 Retweets 13.3K Likes
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    Human anatomy - It's right behind me, isn't it? 7 Cerv 12 The 5 Lum Sacrum Соссух
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    Text - Zilla @GoodZilla [doctor looking at my xrays] doctor: this is exactly what i was afraid of me: what doctor: skeletons 2/27/18, 4:22 PM 31.8K RETWEETS 110K LIKES
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    Vertebrate - This frog looks like an avocado that didn't get picked bc it looks too ripe but is actually perfect on the inside @moistbuddha
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    Face - Members of the National Assembly discussing who should be put to death by guillotine, 1789 (colorized) It's | the 1st and 2ndEstate
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    Face - Teddy Roosevelt to the meatpacking industry after reading The Jungle by Upton Sinclair Oh no baby what! ib you doing?22
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    Illustration - 4liseci 1st grader Bs Geok A tacher
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    Organism - when ur telling ur grandparents about ur job and they have no clue what ur talking bout but they're supportive
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    Furniture - The new, bagless, Dyson soul harvester
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    Text - thehardtimesnews Speed Metal Band Wired to Explode If They Play Less Than 300 BPM ।ि A Full Story:


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