I Can Has Cheezburger?

5 Things You Can Do With Your Furry Friend On National Dog Day

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    Try Doga

    It's only fair that a physical activity with a body posture named after the downward dog also includes these four-legged companions in its activities. But while you may be familiar with the twists and stretches commonly associated with yoga, did you know that there's a form of yoga that's ideally suited for you and your dog, too? Doga is a growing practice that gives pet owners the option of finding their inner Zen with their dogs seated — or stretched out — right beside them. Plus, there's a long list of benefits that you and your dog will reap when you both roll your yoga mats out in the park and start stretching those cramped up muscles.

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    Fix Him a Special feast

    Nothing gets your dog's tail wagging quite like the words "dinner," and "treats." So what better way to help them celebrate a day crafted to show them appreciation than by brewing up a dish made for two? Whenever you cook in the kitchen, your pooch is likely to sit right by your side — or at least try. As the meat sizzles on the grill or the hamburger cooks in the pan, who could blame them? Now, you can decide to cook a doggo-friendly meal that they're sure to enjoy, too. There are tons of cool recipes out there to make dog-friendly snacks and meals. 

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    Don’t feel like cooking? Many cities nowadays are likely to house dog-friendly restaurants that welcome both you and your four-legged friend for a delicious meal, too.

    Regardless of whether you feel like standing up to the plate or hanging in your apron for the day, make sure your dog gets to indulge their taste buds by devouring a tasty treat.

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    Take a Road Trip

    While Fido may not be able to call shotgun or even dibs on where you go, that doesn't mean he's not just as eager as you are to get out and explore, too. We all know that many dogs love a ride in the car! Road trips are for creating new memories while taking in the scenery provided by the beautiful routes you pass along the way. This alone qualifies your dog as the perfect road trip companion! Remember that your dog may be even more excited than you to arrive at your new location. To survive a road trip with your dog, be sure to line your passenger seat up with their favorite squeaky toys while ensuring that your canine is adequately strapped in for the ride ahead, too.

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    Let Your dog take you for a walk

    Whenever you take your dog out for a little adventure, you may wonder what motivates them to want to go in what always seems to be the opposite direction. Today, give them the satisfaction of knowing that they can create their own path — with a little bit of guidance, of course. Plan a pet-friendly route that's away from potentially dangerous zones, including busy streets or highways. Keep your dog on a leash and let their sniffer point the way. Diverging from your regular route gives them the chance to take in a new array of sights and smells.


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