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A Giant Whale Leaps Out Of Water In Front Of Surprised Tourists

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    Tourists on a Go Whale Watching cruise at Sydney’s Bondi beach definitely got their money’s worth during an excursion on the Australian waters.

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    It's not every day that you get to witness a majestic 20-to humpback whale do a breach just yards away from your tour boat. 

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    And wildlife photographer John Goodridge was at the right place at the right time to capture the event on camera.

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    Goodridge, a visitor from the United Kingdom, commented what he witnessed that day was "one of the most spectacular breaches he had ever seen" although he was also a little frightened as the giant whale almost seemed to swamp the boat they were on. Goodridge estimates that around 30 whale breaches where recorded that trip:  "The tourists picked a great day for it, with some thirty whale breaches recorded in just a little over an hour. The whales were really playful. Sometimes you can sit out there and not even see one, so we were really lucky." he said in an interview to the Daily Mail

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    To give you a better idea of how close it was, here’s the event from another angle.

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    Just imagine how simultaneously scary and exciting seeing this is in person!


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