People Share Their Sad Desk Lunches And It Will Make You Laugh And Cry At The Same Time

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    “I should’ve rearranged the letters to spell ‘meh’.”

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    It’s Friday. Give up. Use your hands.

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    “My tofu fell off of my fork and splashed soup on my glasses.”

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    How Spanish of you this fine day!

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  • 6

    Looks like your lunch has a face - and it’s frowning at you.

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    “A new fun game to play with your lunch! Dog food… or Indian?”

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    One of the engineers I work with saw it and said “I feel one step closer to death just looking at that.”

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  • 9

    Two packs of tic-tacs and yesterday’s rewarmed latte. ‘Nuff said.

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  • 10

    Soggy, cold blueberry Eggo waffles… out of the plastic sleeve.

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    “Prepared a nice meal in the slow cooker before work today - for dinner. This is the price you pay.”

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  • 12

    “Office was out of plates.”

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  • 13

    Today is “bring your own summer Memorial Day BBQ leftovers to work day.”

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  • 14

    I almost skipped lunch rather than eat this.

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  • 15

    Suspicious if this is really in an office… because it looks so delicious.

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  • 16

    ”Came across this at the office today… Dan from our teams magnificently sad lunch consisting of someone’s leftover hot dog bun and some chips/munchies topped with some hot sauce.”

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