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14 Bizarre And Interesting Animal Facts

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    Bird - Turkeys can blush

    When turkeys are scared or excited—like when the males see a female they're interested in—the pale skin on their head and neck turns bright red, blue, or white. The flap of skin over their beaks, called a "snood," also reddens.

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    Rock - There were active volcanoes on the moon when dinosaurs were alive

    Most of the volcanoes probably stopped one billion years ago, but new NASA findingssuggest there might still have been active lava flow 100 million years ago, when dinosaurs were still roaming.

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    Text - Dogs sniff good smells with their left nostril

    Dogs normally start sniffing with their right nostril, then keep it there if the smell could signal danger, but they'll shift to the left side for something pleasant, like food or a mating partner. 

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    Organism - Blue whales eat half a million calories in one mouthful

    Those 457,000 calories are more than 240 times the energy the whale uses to scoop those krill into its mouth.

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    Octopus - Octopuses lay 56,000 eggs at a time

    The mother spends six months so devoted to protecting the eggs that she doesn't eat. The babies are the size of a grain of rice when they're born.

  • 6
    Organism - Armadillo shells are bulletproof

    One Texas man was hospitalized when a bullet he shot at an armadillo ricocheted off the animal and hit him in the jaw.

  • 7
    Wildlife - Sloths have more neck bones than giraffes

    Despite physical length, there are more bones in the neck of a sloth than a giraffe. There are seven vertebrae in the neck of giraffes, and in most mammals, but there are only 10 in a sloth. 

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  • 8
    Cat - Cats have fewer toes on their back paws

    Like most four-legged mammals, they have five toes on the front, but their back paws only have four toes. Scientists think the four-toe back paws might help them run faster.

  • 9
    Text - Bees can fly higher than Mount Everest

    Bees can fly higher than 29,525 feet above sea level, according to National Geographic. That's higher than Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.

  • 10
    Hamster - Ancient Egyptians used dead mice to ease toothaches

    In Ancient Egypt, people put a dead mouse put in their mouth if they had a toothache, according to Nathan Belofsky's book Strange Medicine: A shocking History of Real Medical Practices Through the Age. Mice were also used as a warts remedy during Elizabethan England.

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  • 11
    Snout - The man with the world's deepest voice can make sounds humans can't hear

    The man, Tim Storms, can't even hear the note, which is eight octaves below the lowest G on a piano—but elephants can. Check out these 16 little-known facts about the greatest songs of all time.

  • 12
    Nose - Paint used to be stored in pig bladders

    Pig bladders were used in the 19th century to store an artist's paint. The bladder would be sealed with a string and then pricked to get the paint out. This option wasn't the best because it would often break open. American painter John G. Rand was the innovator who made paint tubes from tin and screw cap in the 19th century.

  • 13
    Insect - Bees can make colored honey

    In France, there's a biogas plant that manages waste from a Mars chocolate factory, where M&Ms are made. Beekeepers nearby noticed that their bees were making "unnatural shades of green and blue" honey, reported BBC. A spokesperson from the British Beekeepers' Association predicted the bees eating the sugary M&M waste caused the colored honey.

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    Cat - Adult cats are lactose intolerant

    Feeding your cat milk could be making them sick. Like some humans, adult cats don't have enough of the lactase enzyme to digest lactose from milk, causing them to vomit, have diarrhea, or get gassy. Cats only have enough of that enzyme when they're born and during the early years of their life. 


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