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Student Themed Stock Photos of John Boyega Will Help You Imagine What Stormtrooper Education Looks Like

  • 1

    Stormtrooper Math is All About Teamwork

    Cheezburger Image 8603916032
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  • 2

    Look At Those Forced Smiles

    Cheezburger Image 8603917056
  • 3

    So, FN-2187, Have You Ever Felt That You Don't Belong?

    Cheezburger Image 8603917568
  • 4

    Ever Think About Running Away and Rebelling Against the First Order, Hmmm?

    Cheezburger Image 8603917824
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  • 5

    Standing in Line Class, Very Important Part of Stormtrooper Education

    Cheezburger Image 8603918080
  • 6

    He Must Have Picked Up Some Rebel Ideals While Surfing the Internet in Computer Class

    Cheezburger Image 8603919104


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