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Town Of Idyllwild, California, Re-elects Max The Golden Retriever For His Fifth Term As Mayor

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    Meet Mayor Max of Idyllwild, California!

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    Maximus Mighty Dog Mueller II, but more commonly known as Mayor Max is the elected mayor of Idyllwild, California, for a fifth consecutive term.

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    So proud

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    His duties include cruising around in a personalized pickup truck, making public appearances, ribbon cuttings and performing commands for treats.

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    Runs in the family

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    MailOnline explains Idyllwild is a non-incorporated town so it has no human mayor - so the Animal Rescue Friends (RAF) decided to sponsor an election instead. The town's first animal election was held in 2012, with 14 cats and 2 dogs in the running for mayor. Max I, who has since passed away, won by a landslide. The new mayor Max II has also been joined by Deputy Mayor Mikey, and Deputy Mayor Mitzi, who are all related. 


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