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Russell Wilson Took a Stab At Creative Writing to Express His Love and Ended Up Just Using the First Thing He Googled

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    Russ Loves Ciara So Much He Wrote Her a Generically Poetic #WCW on Instagram

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    But Wait... His Love is So Deep That He Posted an Evening Edition #WCW on Twitter

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    Oh... But He Forgot to Cite His Source

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    Because Apparently He Copy/Pasted the Parts That Sounded Good and Somewhat Accurate From the First Site of a Google Search

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    Even More Sad, He Didn't Even Use Google! He Says He Used Bing

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    And Then People on Twitter Made Fun of Him

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    But He Responded to the Internet's Reaction With a Good Save

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    Maybe he's not lazy, just out of his element. Or both! Probably both.


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