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If You Only Watch the Super Bowl for the Commercials, We've Got You Covered

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    This Ketchup Ad With Running Wiener Dogs Is the Most Majestic Thing You'll See All Day

    Sure, this is a commercial for condiments but let's face it, we're only watching for the puppies.
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    Pokémon's Super Bowl Commercial Has Come Early and It's so Good


    Why can't Pokémon be real? Why isn't Go out yet?
  • 3

    Drake and T-Mobile's Super Bowl Commercial is Exactly the Type of Meta Genius We Expect From Drake

  • 4

    A Town Populated By Ryan Reynolds(es?) Is The Reason They Invented Automatic Emergency Braking

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  • 5

    Liam Neeson Is All About the Future

    And the future is.. I dunno, pixels? Motorcycles? Getting old and growing out of your long hair phase? Oh! A TV... right.
  • 6

    Lil' Wayne is Best Friends With George Washington

    It makes more sense as part of the full commercial with Jeff Goldblum. Not a lot more sense but at least it's got context?

  • 7

    Willem Dafoe Is Marilyn Monroe's Hungry Alter Ego

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  • 8

    T.J. Miller Has a Conversation With a Plastic Orange Slice

    That orange slice is kind of mean-spirited.
  • 9

    Christopher Walken Knows the Importance of Socks With 'Pizzazz'

  • 10

    Even Steven Tyler Himself Finds This Disturbing

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  • 11

    Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen Are Just Quoting Independence Day

    So this is what they were getting all dressed up for.

  • 12

    Speaking of Beer, Helen Mirren Wants Everyone to Drink Responsibly

    So make sure you do, jerks.

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