The #MillennialBillofRights Predictably Features a Mix of Earnestly Frustrated Millennials and the Sarcastic Older Generation Who Mocks Them

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    In This Corner, Weighing In At "When I Was Your Age I Paid for College With a Summer Job"... The Baby Boomers

    Text - ForPracticalitysSake @jenniferkateFPS 2h You must coddle everyone so no one's feelings get hur...unless they disagree with you. Then tear 'em apart!#millennialbillofrights
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    Photo caption - Trevor Trust @TrustedTrevor Feb 3 #MillennialBilloOfRights? Well, you can cross off a right to free speech These kids are nuts. BEING CONSTANTLY OFFENDED DOESNT MEAN YOU'RE RIGHT IT JUST MEANS YOURETOO NARCISSISTIC TO TOLERATE OPINIONS DIFFERENT THAN YOURS img
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    Text - Kevin Behringer @kevinbehringer 22h I don't have to pause my Xbox when my mom brings me a sandwich #MillennialBillOfRights
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    Text - cathy miller @chattycatthy 21 "@RotNScoundrel: #MillennialBillOfRights 1: Gimme 2: Gimme 3: Gimme 4: Gimme 5: Gimme 6: Gimme 7: Gimme 8: Gimme 9: Gimme 10: Gimme" LOL
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    And In The Other Corner, With a Record of Six Unpaid Internships, Around $30,000 of Student Debt and Dire Job Prospects, Millennials

    Text - edika @edikamusic 11h To have the same business and entrepreneurial opportunities as my forefathers once had. It should not be this tough#MillennialBillOfRights EDIKA
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    Text - Michael Beyer @michbeyer 14h Not to screw over an entire generation behind us with crushing student debt and an awful economy. #MillennialBillOfRights
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    Text - J.H. Swanson @jh_swanson Feb 3 The right to feel legitimately upset about legitimately difficult economic conditions without being attacked as lazy #MillennialBillOfRights
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    Nose - GenFKD @GenFKD Feb 3 K The right to cry into a mounting pile of student loans #Mille nnialBillOfRights GIF
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    Ok, Well This One Could Go Either Way

    Text - Thomas Dickhut @ssider1966 14h The right to make stupid decisions and expect the rest of us to bail you out of them. #MillennialBillOfRights
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    So Who Won? Well... Just Remember Boomers, Millennials Will Be The Ones Taking Care of You When You Get

    Text - Allen Plummer @MktrAllen18h Tweets on #MillennialBillOfRights show fighting btwn #Millennials & #boomers. Meanwhile, #GenX continues to be ignored since the 90 s.

    If they don't make GenX do it.

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