Exasperation of the Day: Bill Nye Has Just Had It with Backwards Reproductive Legislation

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Via Big Think
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"I'd really encourage you not to tell women what to do and not pursue these laws that really are in nobody's best interest. We have other problems to solve. Come on."

We usually think of notable scientist as a pleasant, friendly guy who's more than happy to explain climate change to us with the help of emojis.

But this video released by Big Think Sept. 22 shows a Bill Nye that's just barely holding it together. The subject of his frustration is the current legislation trends with regards to reproductive rights and the belief that life begins at conception.

He has to correct his tone several times as he tries to point out the faulty logic, bad science and the fictitious basis for legislation which is setting back the pace of access to reproductive health services and taking rights away from women who should have the most say over their future.

He manages to keep it together and provide a cogent appeal to lawmakers.

Go get 'em, Bill.

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