Didn't See That Coming of the Day: "Hitler Teapot" Goes Viral & Now They're Sold Out

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No, your eyes are not fooling you, that tea kettle totally looks like Adolf Hitler. After Redditor Wrestles4Food pointed out the striking resemblance between the stainless kitchenware and the Nazi dictator in a post submitted last Saturday, others quickly identified the product as JC Penney's Michael Graves Stainless Steel Tea Kettle. And when the product page on JCPenney.com became unavailable without an explanation, some were quick to speculate that the retail company had pulled the teapot to avoid offending customers, but as it turns out, the so called "Hitler Tea Kettle" had sold out within hours after the billboard went viral, according to JC Penney's spokesperson Daphne Avila.

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