Elective Surgery of the Day: Model Has Six Ribs Removed to Achieve a 14 Inch Waist

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Warning: the video above shows graphic footage of rib-removal surgery.

Think Disney characters are giving women body image issues? This woman may very well be the proof.

Former electrician and current model Pixee Fox underwent a surgery to remove six of her ribs so that she could look more like her animated heroes Tinker Bell, Sleeping Beauty, and Jessica Rabbit. After the surgery, Fox has been able to achieve a 16 inch waist by wearing a corset 24 hours a day, but she hopes to train down to 14 inches, enabling her to break the current world record. In addition to her rib surgery, Pixee Fox has also had cosmetic surgery on her nose, eyelids, lips, brows, labia, cheeks, boobs, and butt.

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