I Can Has Cheezburger?

Just 18 Truly Funny News Headlines You Wouldn't Believe Are Real

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    Poster - www.facebook.com/grumpyoldaits I've been posting my letters in the dog poo box for TWO YEARS rit sex ALF, 91, CONFUSES DISPOSAL BIN FOR NEARBY POSTBOX where rtis
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    Dog - News Lost dogs return home after owners cook sausages near where they went missing f share
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    Mammal - Sün THE Sign in or Register to discuss and share stories HOME NEWS SPORT SHOWE Saturday, January 19, 2013 Politics Captain Crunch Sun City Forces Sun Justice Sun Says Your View News Farmers baaa-ffled after hundreds of sheep are branded with smiley face
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    Tree - Breaking News LIVE Hundreds affected in recent Firefighter Strike EXCLUSIVE CANHASCHEE2EURGER cOM
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    Organism - Koala escapes at zoo, falls asleep before he can do anything interesting By Cheri Mossburg and Dana Ford, CNN updated 7:58 AM EST, Wed February 26, 2014
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    Cat - NEW THIS MORNING Cat Called for Jury Duty BOSTON abc
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    Newspaper - CHIMP IS CHEF AT 5-STAR FRENCH RESTAURANT! MICHAEL CHIRON Brainy chimpanzee named Pierre who was trained by a leg- endary Parisian cook is now chief chef at a five-star French restau rant! And astounded food critics are hailing the escargot-boiling chimp as the nation's greatest master of the culinary arts "Pierre has won first prize in dozens of prestigious cooling con tests-including the Grande Competition de Paris," says food critic Antoine DeCuir "But the greatest testament to hi
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    Text - Drunken student is locked up and fined for calling police horse gay te U G home P9 up N Pg de BY OLIVER STALLWOOD A STUDENT was made to spend the night in a police cell for repeatedly call ing an officer's hoese 'gay Sam Brown, 21, had been out with as F koew calling a horse "gay" is not friends when he drunkenly staggered past offensive he added two police horses in the carly hours He was arrested and fined E80 for 1wasn't talking about a homan heing causing harassment, harms or distress
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    Newspaper - Devil otter ex Swap vee 85K ate my y ow cOmo пу ve y he ho dy eor amer sa h d h the e ed srted mini van FARMER ATTACKED BY FURBAG
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    Text - BUZZ 12:42pm January 25, 2016 Dog accidentally runs US half- |marathon, finishes in an |impressive seventh place By 9NEWS
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    Vertebrate - Pig in Australia Steals 18 Beers from Campers, Gets Drunk, Fights Cow
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    Cat - 2 The Columbian YOUR WEEK Cal 694-2312 to subscribe, or log on to www.columbian.com ED SUBA Ak Beacon ouma A recent study has confirmed what cat owners have long known: Cats understand when spoken to, but they choose to ignore most of what people say. Study: Our cats understand us, but they don't really care bred and have evolved "to follow their owner's orders but cats have not been By KATHY ANTONIOTTI Akrm Boace Jornal stress of moving them to strange surroundings had no role in the outc
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    Text - Crap Local News eCrapLocalNews Follow Breaking news: Sausage-addicted kookaburra too fat to fly Story summary Bird became fat on BBQ handouts Too fat to escape mauling by dogs She weighed a whopping 540g TOO many tasty sausages almost killed this kookaburra. But health wonries weren't the threat. She became so obese from barbecue handouts she could not fly when attacked by dogs in a Mosman park. After weighing in at 540g, 40 per cent heavier than a typical adult bird, the kookabura has be
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    Canidae - 10:41 AM 100% TELUS Вack Man buys toy poodles, discovers they're ferrets on steroids Dylan Stableford The Sideshow 1 hour ago NUEVA MODALIDAD DE ESTAFA AN ECANICHE TOYO HURON? An Argentinian man who thought he bought a painef poodles at an outdoor market enos Aiorought home to the vel onlyIOne told thev were
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    Newspaper - Suun THE SCOrTISH ROVERS CROSS AT KRIS Tulisa footie fella knockced unconscious in 4am brawi CRIME EXCLAWSIVE MUGGED BY A PARROT hieving bird grabs Scots tourist's £700 wad
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    Text - theverge.com US government plans to use drones to fire vaccine-laced M&Ms near endangered ferrets The US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has a plan to save the endangered black-footed ferret, and it involves candy. The agency has proposed delivering vaccines to a ferret colony in Montana... Lizzie Plaugic joyeuse-noelle: buntcopper There is nothing about this title I don't like. The best part of this title is that in the second half, each new word is completely unpredictable based on wh
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    Duck - Cheddar Valley Gazette MON 8.9 °C Drizzle News Sport weird What's On Jobs Property Cars Directory Notices Axbridge I Cheddar I Wedmore I North Somerset I Bristol Crime I Transport I Education Duck walks into pub, drinks pint, fights dog, loses Maintains bow tie. Not a joke By Cheddar Valley Gazette | Posted: October 13, 2015 SWNS O VIEW GALLERY PE Stick it on my bill, bar keep
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    Text - FOX 13 68° Q News Local News FOX 13 Investigates Politics Health Washington police find 'very angry' dog wearing sweater and pants f By:FOX 13 News staff POSTED:DEC 02 2016 03:13PM EST UPDATED:DEC 02 2016 03:22PM EST BELLEVIEW, Wash. Police in Bellevue, Washington have found a very angry small dog wearing a shirt and pants, and they're hoping to help reunite him with his owner. The pup is about three years old and is a Jack F


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