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The Story Of Edna, The Cat Adopted By The Fire Department Who Were Sent To Get Rid Of Her (10 Instagram Posts)

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    'Found this oldie of when I was young. #throwback'

    Edna when she was first found!

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  • 2

    'Getting my bronze on.'

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    'Let me tell you bout my best friendssssss'

  • 4

    'Afternoon love'

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    'Mid day snuggle'

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    'Happy #nationalcatday to our station angel'

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    'She made it to print!!'

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    'THE DEPARTMENT IS STILL EVICTING EDNA TODAY! 5yrs of unwavering love and support and they still are kicking her out.'

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  • 10

    'Edna update!'

    "She is doing pretty good. She's eating, cuddling, napping, eating, more cuddling, more napping, using the litter box right away (thank goodness), watching Law & Order and the Westminster Dog Show on the bed, but I don't think she was a big fan of watching the dog show ??. Truly happy that she seems to be handling this pretty well so far. She's a very resilient kitty!"


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