Asheville, NC Residents are Not Taking Kindly to Being Rickrolled by Parking Tickets

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Every once in a while, a story comes along and warms your heart. 

Someone has been going around placing "scam" parking tickets on the windshields of Asheville, NC cars that have a QR code for online payment leading to a good old fashioned Rickroll. Ah, good, clean internet fun IRL.

Unfortunately, local police and residents are pissed, probably because they don't get the joke. Transportation Director Ken Putnam was quoted as saying "it was kind of surprising to go to a link for a YouTube video, and then when I went to it, it was featuring some rock star that I didn't know who it was." Bless his heart. Apparently the culprit could be cited/arrested for littering if they're caught, so stay frosty out there, Rickroller.

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