This Instagram Page Is All About Photos of Preachers Wearing Expensive Designer Shoes

  • 1

    Pastor Mike Todd rocking the ultra exclusive, European release Off White Jordan 1. Retail price on these was $190 plus a plane ticket to Europe.

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  • 2

    Hillsong teaching pastor Nathan Finochio bringing it at colourconf 2019 in some ferociously fab tiger slides

  • 3

    Ron Carpenter with those UNC vibez.

  • 4

    Super fresh pastor Steven Furtick keeping it mega clean in the Off White Prestos. And yes, for literally 15 seconds on release day, these cost $160 retail.

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  • 5

    Rich Wilkerson in the FoG Jungles

  • 6

    Chad Veach movin in the spirit with the Adam&Yves Saint Laurent classics

  • 7

    The dude Steven Furtick legit wearing my favorite pair of SBB Jordan 1’s

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  • 8

    Pastor wives back with the bred yeezy heat

    There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.
  • 9

    Fanning the flame with this Gucci heat!

  • 10

    Chad Veach stompin in some off white Jordan 1 Chicago

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  • 11

    Robert Madu with the Balenciaga Triple S and Off White scarf. The question is, WHY THO??


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