USA v. Ghana Recap 2-1

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Apparently the 3rd time is a charm for the USMNT! After two world cup losses to Ghana the US finally stuck it out for what ended up being a gutsy 2-1 win. The match was possibly the roughest thus far of the world cup, and I'll be damned if I didn't have my breath held the whole time. (I should be damned because you can't hold your breath for that long).

Let's work backwards shall we. The US pulled out front with a stunning header from John Anthony Brooks.

Just gorgeous, no stopping that. And lets not forget the incredible service by Graham Zusi, the guy knows how to take a corner kick.

But there were set backs.

Ayew managed an incredible finish to bring Ghana level with the US in the 81st minute and for those of us not crapping ourselves with dread, we knew it was punishment for the USMNT (looking at you Bradley) having a awful time controlling the ball in the midfield. But, we can't just blame Bradley, Beckerman had some problems sweeping the speedy Ghanaian mids, and Bedoya, in the second half, was clearly having a problem with his leg. So, I'm not sure if I can really be mad at him.

Let's be clear, towards the end Bradley started looking like the General of old and was picking up the slack where other legs were getting tired. Perhaps it was his plan all along. Though that's a poor excuse for his first half performance.

But, now that I think about it, I'm certain the real reason Ghana scored is this guy:

The first half was filled with equal amounts of drama and you can catch my impressions here

and to all USMNT fans:


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