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Even Without Internet Access This Woman Managed to Go Viral Thanks to Her Cat

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    This is Laura and Kittie Smalls

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    When Laura's internet went out, she started bugging her broadband provider with pictures of her cat.

    Cat - Laura Carrie Telstra May 30 at 2:46am- Sydney, NSW, Australia Hi Telstra! I know people usually complain when their broadband was supposed to be connected 5 days ago, and they have made five futile phone calls to you, but I'd like to see the positive side and thank you for giving me a night off from working on my small business. Usually I'd be slogging away on my computer taking care of my customers but thanks to you I can't do that anymore, so I'm having a night off, Woo!!! Now I can't wa
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    "Hey Telstra! It's me again, thanks so much for a night off work thanks to no Broadband connection still. Now.... What's a girl to do with a night off...? I know, Kitty Smalls and I are breaking out the good vino!"

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    She made sure to keep them updated on what her and Kittie were up to.

    Black cat - Laura Carrie Telstra June 4 at 5:16pm- Mornin' Tele Tubbies! Day 11. Guess what?! No, no, you'll never gues.... Still no broadband! This gives me yet another wonderful opportunity to continue the awkward journey of reconnecting with Kittie Smalls. Telstra Thanks! We're extra grateful today as we've started doing yoga. So, as well as rekindling our friendship, we're also getting mad limber. This is a pretty good first effort of 'Spinal Twist' trh fer er Perward Bend r 3 breathe Bound
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    "We're flying Telstra Air tonight! Well.... technically we're not flying Telstra Air tonight, cos you know, no interwebs. However, we continue to make the most of this no-connection debacle and we've made our own version of Telstra Air."

    Cat - Tel sti Airo
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    She went over 2 weeks without internet service. CAN YOU IMAGINE!?

    Text - Laura Carrie Telstra Yesterday at 2:06am Sydney, NSW, Australia Hey Team-T! So. Wow. Day 15 huh. 15 days and still no cable broadband. I told you l'd have to bring in the big guns right? "dramatic drumroll** ERMAGHERD - I have TWO cats Yup, I know, you thought this was all about Kittie Smalls didn't you. Well, I'm very sorry to have to introduce to you, The Flee. So called as, well, she flees a lot. I didn't want to have to include her in Telstragate. She's not like Smalls. She's shy, sca
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    Rumor has it that Laura's internet has since been reconnected! And now Kittie Smalls has made it to Cheezburger, so we're gonna go ahead and call this a win.

    Text - rny mum Ploited ial media in et another futile effor t to Jet her broad band wokin G0odniqht Te Istra Himiss thein terwebs


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