A Vital Facebook Post On How To Safely Leave An Abusive Partner

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    Text - l Telstra 10:25 am 1 33% Maddie Saturday at 10:07 am AAAThis is for anyone currently questioning if they should leave their abusive partner How to safely plan to leave an abusive relationship; Banking; - Open a new bank account with a new bank, ensure that statements are online only and to a new email address that isn't linked to your phone. Pick up the card from the bank and hide it well. Amongst the abusers things is usually safe, as they won't go looking there. Otherwise under the sole
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    Text - Maddie's post Start putting what you can in that account. Any birthday money from friends or unnoticeable amount from your wage (talk to work/centrelink), don't transfer to this account yourself. And any change you find family, an a 600ml bottle of coke around the house full of 2 dollar coins will save $1000 Cba will give you 1k to escape dv, but only if you are a customer. If you are not already, set - up your account there. - If you have debit/credit cards, report them stolen so the abu
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    Text - Maddie's post noticed missing to loved ones, work or storage. Things like photos, jewellery, ID, passport etc and not all at once, this is over time For any clothes you can't carry in a bag, but you want to keep. Do a "clean out", say you are donating them and get them somewhere safe If you can, start selling things worth value that you don't need and will not be noticed as missing, put that money in your new account. Work; If you work, tell your boss what is happening so that they can be
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    Text - Maddie's post continuous or steady work schedule. Centrelink; Let centrelink know of your plans and fill out any necessary paperwork required for your future change of circumstances. If you are moving to single parent payments, get the ball rolling as it can take a few weeks to finalise on their end. And make sure all correspondence is sent to your new secret email address. Family and friends; You may have lost some by this point, but that doesn't mean that they won't try and help you. Re
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    Text - Maddie's post able to help with this. Find donation groups to help you set up. If you put it out to Facebook, have someone else act for you, otherwise it will be an easy way for the abuser to track you - Talk to churches, salvos, anyone that helps in this instance. If you have children, you will be fast tracked - Move in with family or friends - Talk to a refuge if the above options won't work DO NOT LOSE FOCUS, you are much closer to freedom than you think Police; Let the police know of
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    Text - Maddie's post If you have kids, you either take them with you at the time, or have someone you trust to do it - If they are at school, you need to let the school know in advance so that the abuser can't collect them from there, ever You also need to get them out of that school early and not keep to your normal routine Change schools if you need to - This advice includes preschool Animals; If you have pets talk to your local RSPCA or Re homing group as they will find a free foster carer to
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    Text - Maddie's post Packing; Don't pack unnecessary crap! You don't need more than one brush, you don't need your toiletries - they can all be replaced. ESSENTIALS ONLY! Bags are heavy. You want to be hours ahead before the abuser realises what's happened. Do not linger, that home is not your happy place GTFO Leaving; By now you should have money in your accounts and a new phone. Your kids and pets organised, your irreplaceable belongings should be safe elsewhere, and you should know exactly wh
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    Text - Maddie's post set up - Change PayPal passwords etc Block on all social media Block the abusers number Turn that phone off and turn on the spare phone - Contact anyone you need to from the new phone and keep your number on private Change your name on social media along with your profile picture (something generic) Block anyone who is friends with both of - you Get a PO Box and get your mail redirected - The abuser is the most dangerous when they realise they have lost control of their poss
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    Text - Maddie's post even suicide threats to get your attention. Do not fall for the games as the abuser is just craving any information on your whereabouts to feel like they are gaining some control back. It is vital that you cease all contact until you are strong enough to not believe the bullshit that the abuser will use to lure you back. And you know it is bullshit, do not sprinkle glitter on your feelings. You are worth more than that!


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