Burger King Came up With a Super Spooky Halloween Costume

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Everyone knows at Burger King, they serve burgers “your way,” but this Halloween, they’re serving them roasted, leaving the competition burnt to a crisp.

A Burger King in Queens, NY got really into the Halloween spirit this year, throwing a white tarp over the building and dressing it up as the ghost of McDonald’s. Rest assured, the location cleared things up on their marquee, which read, “BOOOOO! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.” They even scrawled "McDonald's" on their food containters. Needless to say, it was a real fright to an already brave customer-base looking to get their Whopperito on.



For a company that sells cheeto-dusted chicken fingers and has this creep as their mascot, Burger King really has the weird fast-food marketing department on lock.


Actually, creepy mascots are kind of both of their M.O. I direct your attention to Exhibit A, a gif of a couple of Grimace Grandmas rubbing Ronald McDonald's head. Yikes.

via YouTube

The only question left: how will a combination Taco Bell/KFC respond? 

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