8 Heartwarming Stories Of Cats Being Rescued From Disaster Areas Around The World

Our feline friends often get caught in floods, fires and earthquakes just like the rest of us, and sometimes they need a helping human hand. Check out these 8 heartwarming photos of cats being rescued after disaster struck, and be sure to find out what you can do to prepare your pets for an emergency.

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    Firefighter Harold Kim cuddles a cat that he rescued from the first floor of a Los Angeles apartment building fire in June 2005.

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    Brandon Smith carries his cats, Fry and Bender, to dry land from their flooded home on June 12, 2008, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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    During the flood, the Cedar River rose to record levels and much of the city had to be evacuated.

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    Tunde Erdelyi saves her cat while Janos Kisri walks into their yard, which was flooded by toxic mud in the town of Devecser, Hungary.

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    A reservoir containing red toxic sludge from an aluminum plant in Ajka broke on Oct. 5, 2010, releasing about 185 million gallons of the poisonous mixture. The sludge inundated three villages, killing eight people and injuring more than 120.

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    Woman carries her cats in a plastic bucket in the flooded residential area of Karawang, West Java, Indonesia on March 25, 2010.

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    Thousands of residents fled their homes as floodwaters from the overflowing Citarum River inundated 8,000 houses.

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    U.S. Army Pfc. Mike Ramos (left) and Pfc. Mark Limberg of the 34th Military Police Company, escort Bonnie Oldham and her cat, Silvester, out of her flooded home on Aug. 20, 2007, in Winona, Minn.

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    Oldham's house was damaged beyond repair by flooding.

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    Alen Elton rescues his cat from his flooded home on June 16, 2008 in Oakville, Iowa. Residents of the town fled on short notice after a levee holding back the Iowa River gave way.

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    A firefighter rescues a cat from a burning house in Fenelon Falls in Ontario, Canada, on Jan. 29, 2011.

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    The cat was one of dozens of animals saved from the home.

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    Firefighters rescue a cat suffering from smoke inhalation from an apartment fire in Essen, Germany. The cat was one of two that firefighters saved from the building.

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