Delivery of the Day: Japanese Domino’s Is Training Reindeer to Deliver Pizza

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When you’ve only got 30 minutes to deliver a pizza, you better have a little magic on your side.

Ever the innovators, Domino’s Pizza, the inventor of the Pizza Tracker, is training reindeer to deliver pizza.

According to a press release from Domino’s Japan, they have begun testing reindeer to deliver pizza, cheesy bread, wings, and ice-cold Coca-Cola products right to your doorstep. The animals will be equipped with a GPS, so customers can track the reindeer’s course via smart phone. By the looks of this video, the reindeers, who are transported in a small crate, are treated much better than on the North Pole and genuinely want to deliver pizza.

BREAKING: Domino's Japan is currently testing out a way to deliver pizzas via reindeer pic.twitter.com/6kPCdqk7wj

— Ryan Broderick (@broderick) November 28, 2016

Fortune reports, “Domino’s is still working out the kinks of its new delivery method. The first attempt involved attaching pizza boxes to the reindeer’s back, but those quickly fell off. The second attempt reverted back to tradition: Reindeers pulling pizza in a red sleigh.”

No word yet on if bad tippers get coal instead of pizza. Also, no confirmation on whether or not this is just a hoax or a piece of viral marketing. The press release promises an update on Thursday.

Let’s just hope these reindeer are quick enough to "avoid the Noid."

via Eric Hayes

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