Tech of the Day: This Mini-Fridge is Actually a Compact Grower for Weed

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Via Seedo Lab
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As marijuana prohibition becomes a thing of the past, it’s time to start looking toward the future.

That’s where Seedo comes in.

Seedo is a tiny, mini-fridge-sized grower that let’s you grow any herb in almost any space. Marketed toward the 21st-century young urban professional, Seedo does all the work of growing your sativa and indica for you. You just plant the seeds in Seedo, and like a Ronco Rotisserie Oven, you just set it, and…


Well, sort of. The Seedo comes complete with an app, so that you can monitor your progress through notifications or a video feed to your phone of what you’re growing. This little guy has a full auto-grow system that’s airtight and a lighting system. It’s a whole farm in a mini-fridge.

This isn’t just for weed, even though that’s what it’s mostly marketed for. You can also grow vegetables, fresh herbs, and flowers. It’s a the whole thing. You need it. Buy it.

According to their website and Twitter, the Seedo is coming very soon. But you can get on the waiting list for on their website.

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