Year of the Day: Not 2016 Because Google’s Year in Search Video Reminded Us How Bad It Was

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2016 was not great. And almost as some sort of sadistic joke, rather than just making a video pugs taking a bath and looking all relaxed, Google decided to remind us with another Year in Search video.

The Year in Search compiles clips from the most googled terms in one video, allowing us to relive the horror that was 2016, the year when we all realized that things were bad and could get much, much worse.

via Niner's Nation

Set to Grace VanderWaal’s song “Light the Sky,” Google tried it’s best to put a positive spin on this year by being nice enough to remind us of the deaths of David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Prince, and democracies all over the world. They also reminded us of deaths we might have forgotten, like Alan Rickman and Muhammad Ali (Yeesh, this year was awful). There’s only one clip of President-elect Donald Trump, that billionaire reality game show host who won the presidency last month, so no mentions of Making America Great Again. Oh, they also had some Olympic footage. Remember the Olympics? That was a fun distraction.

Anyway, if you have the stomach for it, check out Google’s Year In Search video. It has the Lin-Manuel Miranda Tony acceptance speech, which was really nice, Pokémon Go, and Beyonce. Try and let those things inspire you as we trudge into 2017 cautiously optimistic, which feels a too optimistic of a description.


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