Fix of the Day: Don’t Drop Your iPhone in Lava Like These Guys, Unless You Want to See Something Cool

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As Steve Jobs would say, "It just works."

The good thing about iPhones is that there is an infinite amount of ways to destroy them. Whether you’re interested in a crushing, a frying, or an old fashioned dunking in the toilet, there's a iPhone death for you. Unlike the actual phone, the destruction of an iPhone is entirely customizable.

However, few iPhone deaths are as cool as the one The Backyard Scientists pulled off in this video. Taking a page from Terminator 2: Judgement Day’s saddest scene, they dipped their iPhone in Lava to similar results. 

via Gifbay

This isn’t as sad as that moment, but it’s still really cool. Once it’s submerged, the iPhone comes completely apart. But the real money is when they pour the contents into a cast-iron pan, which looks straight-up like T-1000. You’ve got to check this out. 

via Sploid

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