Who Ya Gonna Call? These New Ghostbusters Set Photos Answer That.

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New Ghostbuster set pics show the ladies in uniform.
Via Buzzfeed
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New information on the all-female new Ghostbusters movie has come out slowly, like some ectoplasmic slime dripping down the walls of an ancient Manhattan high rise.

After the casting announcement months ago, we only recently got to see what some of the new props would look like.

Well, now we have some firm proof that, yes, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon either are starring in this new movie, or REALLY like to dress up together.

My personal favorite part is Kate McKinnon's hair and, you know, how it looks EXACTLY like Egon Spangler's from the cartoon.

Don't remember? This will help:

Additionally, Director Paul Feig showed us what the Ecto-1 will look like. So you can stop losing sleep over that particular aspect of your life. Everything else can still keep you awake, though.

At this point, we're getting pretty excited about the whole thing.


Feig just unveiled another beauty, showing the gals in grey all geared up:

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