Comedy of the Day: Louis CK Suprise-Releases a Comedy Album That You Can Buy for Whatever Price You Consider Appropriate

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Louis CK releases a new comedy album for whatever you want to pay.
Via Louis CK
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Continuing the trend he began of financing his own albums, then selling them for a cheap price on his own website, comedian Louis CK just released yet another one Aug. 8. This time it's a little bit different.

Louis CK: Live at Madison Square Garden is now available at his store and he's now letting those interested set their own price for the comedy.

Here's how he explains it:

Hi. This is a comedy album. It's the audio from my last of 3 shows that I performed at Madison Square Garden early this year. Some of the material is in the Comedy Store Special. Some of it isn't. But it's also a fun show on it's own. BUT since it's repeated material, I'm giving you the option to set your price anywhere from 1 dollar to 85. The default is $5. I hope you like it.

...Price: so I didn't know what to charge for this because a lot of the material was on my Comedy Store special and it was hard to get good sound because comedy is intimate and MSG is large, so there's a lot of sound slapping around everywhere though the sound engineer and the mixer did their level best. So we have the price set to 5 dollars but you can lower it to 1 dollar or raise it to 85. that's the maximum, because beyond that, I don't want your crazy money. Not for this show.

If you love his show Louie (and you should), you might think about shilling out the $1 for this album. He recently announced that he's taking an extended hiatus from the FX show to work on other projects, so who knows when we'll hear his stuff next.

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