Rock Band of the Day: Ned Flanders-Inspired 'Nedal' Band Obviously Loves The Simpsons

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Okilly Dokilly is a metal band based entirely off of Ned Flanders
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Some bands just gotta have a gimmick, whether it's Gwar's costumes or Kiss' make up. For Pheonix's Okilly Dokilly, they are doubling down on The Simpsons' very Christian, very polite neighbor Ned Flanders.

Head Ned, Red Ned, Thread Ned, Stead Ned and Bled Ned make up what they describe as "the world's only Nedal band" and boy are they all about the puns. Obviously 'Okilly Dokilly' is just a metal riff on the classic Flanders catch phrase 'Okily dokily'.

They're even committed to dressing the part as well, although it doesn't seem like all the members where willing to commit to the trademark mustache (or 'push broom' as he calls it).

According to their Facebook page, most of their songs are based off of Ned Flanders quotes.

They will play their first show Sept. 5 if you're in the Phoenix area. They certainly know how to hype it up.

We're playing our first show. It will be Nedal. You will experience Nedal. You will know Nedal. Nedal will know you.

More details to come. Hold your dang diddly horses.

You can listen to some of their surprisingly serious scream-o songs here:

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