Fish Story of the Day: Alabama Hunters Catch Huge, 920-Pound Alligator, And It was This Big...

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Alabama hunters catch an insanely big alligator.
Via foxsports
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If you're looking for something to do on a nice Alabama summer evening, you might as well go hunt some alligators.

That's what these men did and on the first night of hunting season, they landed a record 920-pound, 13 and a half foot beast.

As FOX sports tells it:

It's believed to be the second heaviest alligator ever hunted in Alabama behind a 1,011.5-pound gator caught last year that set a world record at 15 feet and nine inches (that gator cheated, though, with approximately 115 pounds of that coming from a deer in the gator's stomach).

As all of you are probably wondering: What the hell do you do after catching a 920-pound alligator?

Throw a huge Labor Day cookout with 250 pounds of meat. "It won't go to waste," [hunter Scott] Evans said.

Here's another picture:

Here's a gif of it as well:

If they decide not to eat that massive beast, we've got at least one other idea:

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