Villain of the Day: London Police Are Trying to Find This Evil D*ck Hole Who Pushed a Cyclist into Traffic

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Police release video of crazy jerk pushing a cyclist into traffic.
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Riding a bicycle on a busy street can be terrifying even without some lunatic pushing you off your bike into traffic.

London Metropolitan Police released this harrowing video Aug. 25, in the search for the insane monster who chased a cyclist down after she totally politely asked him to watch out for her while he crossed the road.

The silvery-est lining of this dark, fuming cloud is that she wore he head camera to capture the whole thing so the dude can hopefully be caught.

In the meantime, watch out for those cyclists on the road. They are helping the environment, alleviating traffic and trying to improve themselves.

And on a broader note, let us never forget this sage advice from Bill and Ted.

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