The Last McDonalds Burger Sold in Iceland Still Looks Perfect Six Years Later

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last mcdonalds burger sold in iceland six years later
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In 2009, during the Icelandic economic collapse, McDonalds shut its golden arches on the country and left it without hideous processed McBurgers to clog Icelandic arteries. A man named Hjörtur Smárason purchased up the very last cheeseburger sold in the country, but rather than consume it, he left it on a shelf in his garage for a three years. When next he looked at it, he realized the burger hadn't aged a day, and donated it to the national museum, where it sat in storage for another year.

Eventually the burger made its way to the Reykjavik Bus Hostel, where it's now on display 24/7 via live webcam and occasionally on Instagram when it goes on field trips. The burger seems a little dry more than 2200 days after it was made, but is still, grossly, totally edible looking:

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