Woman Claims Her Body Brews Alcohol & Has DUI Charge Dismissed

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This sh*t blows homebrew, kombucha, whatever out the water. Apparently we live in a world where our bodies possess the capability to brew booze.

An upstate New York woman blew a blood alcohol level four times the legal limit, but it's chill because she lives with an auto-brewery condition. Also known as gut-fermentation syndrome this rare medical condition occurs when gastrointestinal yeast converts common food carbs into ethanol.

The woman of our unbelievable story met her husband for lunch, where she consumed four drinks between the hours of noon and 6pm. After leaving the restaurant, her car experienced a flat tire, which she continued to drive on until a concerned driver phoned the police. It was then that an officer discovered her blood alcohol level was near 0.40. Because a 0.4 is an extreme and immediate threat to one's life, officers immediately took the woman to the hospital where she discovered, for the first time, that she suffers from gut-fermentation syndrome.

We're pretty sure this guy shows all indications of auto-brewery condition.

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