The Black Keys Frontman Dan Auerbach Releases New Track About "Making a Murderer"

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The Netflix documentary series, 'Making A Murderer,' has been nothing if not a productivity-robbing, cultural sensation since it dropped in December.

If you're one of those cave-dwellers who resides under a rock you should know that the documentary focuses on Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man, who might've been framed for crimes he didn't commit a few times.

The frontman for The Black Keys, Dan Auerbach, and his new blues-rock band, The Arcs took the global bingeing efforts to a new high with their recent released track, "Lake Superior."

The song references the Steven Avery criminal case, and the perverse, if not corrupt way the police and the criminal justice system considered as an entity, handled it.

Auerbach's vocals, as usual, don't disappoint; and manage to carry through song, the full emotional depth of this emotionally-riveting case.

Listen below:

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