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Police Rescue 30 Cats From Parked Minivan Sitting In The Hot Sun

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    “The vehicle was not running. There was no air conditioning running --

    Motor vehicle

    -- I gave permission to our community service officers to make entry to the vehicle to rescue the cats. They got a tow truck to help them breach the lock on the van to get in," said Bernier.

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    The officers entered the van through the back 'window' that was just some cardboard in place of glass.

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    According to the Fargo police, it took them two hours to remove the cats, due to there being so many!

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    Officers on scene said they "lost track of counting during the two hours they worked to remove the cats."

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    The 30 cats and kittens will be taken to the local shelter.

    Animal shelter

    As for the owner of the van, she returned visibly upset around 3 pm (the police were called at 1:40 pm!). Sgt Bernier detained the woman as the remaining cats were safely removed. The unnamed woman will be appearing at court for infractions related to prior instance when police were called to check on cats in her van. Those calls were made on June 17 and June 20th.  


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