Vet Sleeps in Freezing Dog House To Show What It's Like For a Dog

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Via The Dodo
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The extreme temperatures outside leads many pet owners to wondering what they can possibly do about their four legged friends as a result, especially those who are accustomed to placing their animals outdoors for extended periods of time. Some people believe that an animal's fur coat can keep them protected. Others may believe that the animal actually likes it outside. But contrary to these perceptions, many experts believe that our dogs are not able to handle these conditions. One of them is Dr. Ward, who even went so far as to spend the night in a doghouse to see how long they would be able to survive for. He was unable to last for more than four hours, even though he wore all of the necessary layers to keep him warm. Watch his experience and conclusions on this fascinating video. The bottom line is that if it is too cold for us to be spending the night outdoors, it is certainly too cold for your pet. Bear this important lesson in mind. Via: The Dodo 

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