A Quick Rundown of All You Need to Know About Infinity Stones and the THANOS Theory

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With the release of Doctor Strange this past Friday we have finally seen almost all of the Infinity Stones, which has been a work in progress in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Thor back in 2011. Since a lot has happened in the MCU in the last 5 years we thought we could use a quick refresher on the stones. What are they and where are they now?

Space Stone: This blue stone was fist seen powering the Tesseract in Thor and used by Hydra in Captain America: The First Avenger and it is capable of generating wormholes, rifts in space for physical spacial manipulation, as seen in the Avengers. 

Mind Stone: The yellow stone was given to Loki by Thanos in a mind control scepter eventually ends up being unveiled as an infinity stone in Age of Ultron. It is currently housed by Vision.

Reality Stone: Has the ability to destroy fabricated reality as seen in Thor: The Dark World. Currently in the care of the Collector. 

Power Stone: This purple stone as the name implies is a source of great power, enough to destroy entire planets. It was the focal point of Guardians of the Galaxy when Ronan the Accuser tried to destroy the planet of Xandar using the stone. It is currently in the care of the Nova Corps following Ronan's failure and defeat by the Guardians.

Time Stone: This green stone is the one revealed in Doctor Strange. Housed in the Eye of Agamotto. It has the ability to alter time and can even 'resurrect' using time loops. The implications of it's use in Doctor Strange make this a powerful stone indeed. 

Soul Stone: The orange stone is the only missing piece of the Infinity Gauntlet and it will be unveiled some time before Avengers: Infinity War takes place, fans speculate that it will be the focal point of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

Doctor Strange also almost confirmed the long standing T.H.A.N.O.S theory, that the villain's name is derived from the name of the artifacts housing the stones. Of course we now know that the time gems artifact is the "Necklace", the Eye of Agamotto. All that is left is the artifact housing the Soul Gem.

It will be intersting to see how the rest of Marvel's phase 3 plays out leading into Infinity War.

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