Houseguest of the Day: Not Millennials Because They’re the Worst

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study finds that millenials are the worst houseguests
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In addition to demanding their participation awards, only being concerned with their Twitters, and never fighting in World War II, millenials have topped the list of “Worst Houseguests,” according to a study by HomeAdvisor, making them the worst, officially.


Looking at the biggest houseguest annoyances and habits among 2,000 people in the U.S., the study found that among millennials, Generation Xers, and baby boomers, millennials exhibit the worst behavior. I didn’t think that something that was already the worst could get any worse, but here we are.

According to Apartment Therapy: “When it came to copping to their own bad behaviors, millennials admitted to the most offenses of all three generations—16 out of the 27 on the list, as compared to 9 for Gen Xers and only one for baby boomers (cleaning without asking first). Among the list of offenses millennial respondents admitted to? Showing up early, not treating the host to a meal, eating too much food, not offering to help with cooking or chores, making too much noise, and never making their bed.”

Check out the list of bad habits millennials have below and the full study here. I’m sure you’ll agree that no matter how bad you thought millennials were, they’ll inevitably find something to make the that much worse. Ugh. It’s, like, give it a rest with being the worst already.

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